iLingq 2.4

The latest version of iLingq seems to be a less stable. Often when listening to a playlist in the car it will reach the end of a lesson, pause for some time and then the app crashes. Perhaps this is due to poor/no network connectivity? This is on an iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2.

I have it on my ipod touch and it crashes sometimes for me as well.

Every single app I have used regularly on my iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad crashes on a regular basis.

That happened to me when I was a member of basic.
→ “pause for some time and then the app crashes.”
It’s hard to use that the app often crashes.

I can’t agree that it is the norm for apps to crash on iOS.

It would seem unlikely that the level of your account would affect the stability of the app. Like I said I think it is related to the latest version as I didn’t have this problem prior to a few days ago. It’s definitely gone from usable to unusable, so I’m hoping the guys here can correct the problem. Happy to do further testing/provide feedback if needed.

I haven’t been able to use the audio on iLingQ now because I have a free membership.
But I had that problem when I was a member of a basic (until February 25th). It suddenly paused at the middle of the length of the audio, then the app crashes or restarted the audio from the beginning. And I have that problem not only on my ipod touch but also on my PC(pause and then restart).
Does anyone have the same problem?
LingQ is very helpful method for learning languages. So I really hope it will work well.

Thanks for all your input about the app. We will be looking into it and we will try to fix these issues as best we can.

@neofight78 - We have identified an issue that may be related to this which should be fixed in the next version of the app.

@others - If you notice the app crashing, it is helpful to know what you were doing when it crashed as these help us to better identify the issues and get them fixed. Please provide step-by-step instructions if you can, thanks!

That’s great news Alex, I look forward to the next update :slight_smile: A nice touch would be if the app remembered your password after it has crashed (or been shut down normally). That would make it a lot more convenient to restart. As you can imagine, re-entering a password whilst driving along is not really a possibility. That might induce a crash of the automotive kind! :slight_smile:

@chamy7 Ah, I see what you mean now. I didn’t realise it wasn’t available to free accounts.

@ Neoflight - the iLingQ app does remember my password when I restart it and after it crashes (which happens to me about as often as any other app). Maybe we have different devices or operating systems. I am using an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.2 which is newest update.

Thanks, that’s interesting to know. We have the same phone and software, so it can’t be that. I do get a message saying my password is wrong when it restarts. So maybe there is something about my username or password that causes it not to function correctly?!

The plot thickens. I have no idea why the difference between us. I don’t now if the iLingQ app stores passwords itself, or if they are stored in some sort of keychain, but it sounds to me like you have the wrong password saved.

Yes, I think you are probably right. The wrong username/password has been stored somehow, but isn’t getting reset when I enter the right credentials. I tried logging out and logging back in but that doesn’t seem to fix it. Perhaps another bug to log?

Perhaps it is a bug. I have tried to replicate it by uninstalling the app, reinstalling it and entering the wrong password when I first log in, and then the correct one afterwards to see if the wrong password gets stored. It does not happen for me. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

Ah, reinstalling sorted the login issue.Thanks for your help.

Glad it works.