Il Narratore promotes LingQ to his readers and listeners

As I have said before, we are very pleased to be collaborating with Il Narratore.( You will see at his website that LingQ is given prominent mention.
LingQ was also featured in the Il Narratore newsletter which can be seen here.

As a result we have had a lot of new members sign up from Italy!! Thank you Michele and others for all your hard work in helping to translate our interface and instructions into Italian. I guess it is mostly done.

I hope we can interest these new members in sticking around to improve their language skills.

For those with even a modest knowledge of Italian, I heartily recommend studying Il Narratore’s version of Pinocchio at LingQ, as the fastest way to bring your Italian skills up to a high level. This recording is simply captivating, even when we don’t understand most of it.

Thanks for your compliments, Steve. I wish I could manage my time betger in order to study more and provide more content. But it’s so hard now with 35-40 Celsius degrees!
Anyway, I hope some of the new Italian members will become active and provide a lot of lessons. :slight_smile: