Il Narratore Audiobooks in the Italian LingQ Store

Great news, Italian learners! We now have started adding professionally recorded audiobooks from Il Narratore ( in the LingQ Store. These audiobooks are fully integrated into the LingQ system, meaning you can save the words and phrases, review the flashcards and download the audio, too.
To listen to a sample, just go to the Library, click on the orange “LingQ Store” shelf, then open the collection. Chapters are priced individually, so you can start off with just the first chapter or two, but if you want to read and study the whole book, you should consider purchasing the whole collection for a discounted price.

Hope you enjoy these new books, and we look forward to seeing more excellent premium content in the future!

I heartily recommend Il Narratore and in particular Pinocchio as narrated by Maurizio (Moro Silo). It is wonderful recording with Maurizio changing his voice to play the different roles in this story. I believe that with LingQ, this story is easily accessible to intermediate learners, or even ambitious high beginners. Good luck.

Let us know which items you would like us to add from Il Narratore.