Il linguista: Italian accent?

I just signed up to lingQ a few days ago and have been browsing different material to learn Italian. I was interested in reading Steve’s book “The Linguist” and figured it would be best to read it in Italian.

I notice that the recorded version of “The Linguist” in Italian has a very different accent than other material I have listened to in Italian. Is this accent a native accent? If so, what part of Italy is it from?

Thanks! I look forward to learning more about how to use this wonderful website and feel well on my way to speaking and understanding Italian.


@Kadin_Goldberg - Great, welcome to the site :slight_smile: The Linguist in Italian was actually recorded by a LingQ member. You can see his profile here: Login - LingQ

If you have any questions along the way be sure to let us know!

Thanks for the reply. I could only find that he is going to school in Milan… not sure if this is where his accent comes from or not.

I really don’t mean to offend in any way but what I am wondering about is the lack of pronouncing the letter ‘‘r’’ in all words. Is this an accent that comes from a specific region of Italy or is it a personal speech issue??


Credo che sia di Bari. I think Adalberto is from Bari.

Yes, this is the accent from that region, always using the “s sorda” even when it should be “s sonora”.