Ignored works counting as lingq's

For almost one week now, the words that I ignore count as Lingq. I have 0 Lingq’s, but it says I have 52. I can’t email to, because I don’t have outlook installed and you don’t have the e-mail address.

Sorry for the trouble with this! This was an issue late last week and over the weekend, but should now be fixed. If you’re still experiencing this issue please let us know where you’re clicking the Ignore button that is still causing this.

Also, you can email us directly at support (at) lingq.com if you have additional questions you’d like to ask via email!

Yes, I’m still experiencing it. I still have 0 Lingq’s but it still says 52 LingQ ou my account. I ignore one word by clicking on the button for that effect under the translation. I can’t email because you don’t have an address of mail, only a direct link that I can’t use.

Imagine the following address without any space between the words: Support @ LingQ . com

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Unfortunately it won’t reset your new Total LingQs Created statistic, but I’ve now updated your LingQs Limit. What I meant in my post above, and sorry for not being clear, is that you should now be able to ignore additional words without your LingQs Created number continuing to increase.

If you ignore new words and this number continues to increase please let us know!

Thanks a lot Alex for solving the problem quickly :slight_smile: Thanks SanneT for giving me the adress. I will keep it :slight_smile: