If you like Music, I hope you like this :-)

Hey guys, here’s me giving a shameless plug to a video i’ve finally had the guts to upload of me “performing”. If you left a comment on the video, or “liked” it, I’d be very much appreciative. Let me know what you think! :wink:

Hey! I really liked it! Nice voice and nice guitar playing. Thumbs up.

A suggestion: I don’t know too much about it or how difficult could it be, but maybe it would be a nice idea to have the lyrics of the song (in English of course) displayed while singing, for us intermediate or beginners to practice along.
Congratulations again.

you’re very good, you should upload more songs! :slight_smile:

ha, cheers guys. much appreciated :wink:

Nice! Beautiful song-…!

@gpnsa Cheers :slight_smile:

Really good , You definitely upload more songs :slight_smile:

@ReemEld Thank you! it’s nice when people say nice things! :stuck_out_tongue:

the sound of English music is beautiful,congratulations! sings very well

Be jealous. you can play guitar and sing very very well. I sing so badly :">