If you hit 40 k known words in Spanish, how many lingqs d u have?

If you hit 40 k known words in Spanish, how many lingqs in total do you usually have?

I have somewhere between 25 to 50


This is very easy to investigate. Go to the leaderboard of your target language and check the profiles of the people that have around 40000 words. For Spanish these are the people ranked between 41-50 places:

  1. Anmelden - LingQ has 9500 LingQs
  2. Anmelden - LingQ has 4663 LingQs
  3. Anmelden - LingQ has 59998 LingQs
  4. Anmelden - LingQ has 33091 LingQs
  5. Anmelden - LingQ has 14860 LingQs
  6. Anmelden - LingQ has 40144 LingQs
  7. Anmelden - LingQ has 8351 LingQs
  8. Anmelden - LingQ has 14995 LingQs
  9. Anmelden - LingQ has 61351 LingQs
  10. Anmelden - LingQ has 1666 LingQs

As you can see the variance is from 1666 to 61351 LingQs for 40000 known words. This is due to different starting points for these people and different approaches to language learning and different approaches to LingQing. So, there’s no fixed ratio between known words and LingQs, it’s all up to you. But, it seems that in the worst case scenario you get 2 known words for 3 LingQs.
Good luck!