If there were South African languages on LingQ

With every language on LingQ there is a flag e.g Norwegian has a Norwegian flag, German has a German flag e.t.c. This works reasonably well as most countries have one main or dominant language but in the case of a country such as South Africa, there are 11 official languages. If, hypothetically, Zulu, Xhosian and Afrikaans were added to LingQ, which flags would be used?

In that case, I think the flag of South Africa should be used to all those languages you mentioned.
There is no similar case on LingQ, so I’m not sure.

south african flag they all exist in the same country

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I would imagine so but would the same flag be used for more than one language

The answer is very simple. There are still exist some languages which have not all flags. For example, there are still no small flags for Slovak, Malay, Belarusian. There was no flag for Swedish. I have booked once a conversation in Swedish but there was no flag on the page.
Look at my profile. You can find the good example how it may look like.

I noticed that alright, although I would like to think that that is just a bug in the system that the flags haven’t appeared yet.