If I had one wish for LingQ it would be for a NightTime mode

If I had one wish for LingQ it would be for a NightTime mode.

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Indeed. To bypass this with windows 10 I have used color filters → (inverted colors). Then you can just switch it on using windows + ctrl + c

This makes it more pleasant for the eyes.


That would be good.
My wish: I would like to see, in the android app, the hints of the blue words in english, portuguese, spanish, etc, without having to leave the lesson.

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Another thing you can do is install an application for windows called F.lux. It’s pretty amazing.


Cool - will try reading like this. I also use f.lux for my screen brightness.

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+1 f.lux is a must have for me. I use it all the time and now I cannot go back to a normal screen without my eyes falling out.

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Thanks for the tip. I will try this now.

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How about dark mode for any website? This is what I use and it looks great on pretty much every site, including LingQ.





Hey Thank You so much! Im trying out the Chrome extension it looks really good actually.

That’s cool man thank you!

Yes! I love F.lux. :slight_smile: Haha I feel the same way Eric without it the screen is blinding. I don’t know how I did it before.

Many thanks for this chrome extension - it works very well. I appreciate that you saved me some time trying different extension.

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Thanks Edwin, this (chrome ext) works better than any other solution.

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Our Eyeballs thank you Edwin.

NightTime mode would be nice. Same with offering multiple playlists and different highlight colors.

Hahaha, you’re very welcome guys :slight_smile:

I quite look forward to iOS 13, which has dark mode built into the OS. I’m hoping that LingQ adds support for it, so that we can have dark mode everywhere!

As for Android users… I can only send a prayer your guys’ way :wink:


Not to worry. It absolutely will be supported in the app for iOS 1.3.

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