If i Downgrade, what is deleted?

Hey! I thinking about taking a break from lingQ.

Will my known words and lingQ’s be deleted if I downgrade to free, or is it just imprted lessons I can’t keep?

You will need to have less than 5 private lessons on your account before you can downgrade. If you have more you will need to remove or share them (if they are free of copyright of course). You can keep all your shared lessons after downgrading.
Your data and learning progress will be saved on your account for 90 days after you downgrade. If you plan to stay on Free level longet than that, you can activate vacation plan ($2/month) and keep your data for as long as you want.

WTF is this? I am using lingQ for many years with breaks … why this new policies?

Agreed. That sounds like it could be a WTF moment. I’m on the life plan so it doesn’t affect me anymore. However, I can understand the objections of people. If I am a free ling user, I should be limited in my ability to use the system. If I then upgrade, the limits are removed and I create data, stats, etc. If I then downgrade, I shouldn’t be able to keep using the system to import new lessons and create new lingqs. However, I should be able to keep the fruits of what I paid for. The vacation plan option sounds like it could be a compromise so lingq isn’t “carrying” all that data, but I guess it’s okay if people have fair warning ahead of time before they sign up.

What is this “life plan”?