If I delete Lingqs will they be added to my known words?

Sorry I’m pretty new and finding it rather hard to wrap my head around all the features, haha. Anyways I made Lingqs on a few words I already knew by accident and I can’t find a way to get them off my vocabulary list. I can set the individual words to ‘5’ (known), but they still stay on the list. I would like to get them off the list and keep my known words separate from my lingqs. So my question is, if I delete or ignore them, will they be added to my known words? I am a premium member if that helps. Thanks!

Was a reply by xuanfu deleted?

Nathan_Canada starting his question with “Sorry”. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype there, pal!

Seriously though, If I were you I wouldn’t care about it and keep on reading/listening to material since chances are you’ll come across those words again and will then be able to “mark them as known”. If you delete them, they won’t be counted in your “known words” total. You’re going to have to “mark them as known” in order to have them added to your known words total.

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Yes. I deleted it. I wanted to get out of the way of a more technical response to your question. I hope my briefly lived reply was of some help.

Hi Nathan,
Yellow words will be counted as known only if you move them to status 4 (learned) or checkmark them (Known).
If you delete/ignore them, they will not be counted as known, but as jaliscostate said, you will be able to click on them again in the text later and make them known.

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It was, thank you! Haha it just confused me I saw it in an email that you replied but came on the forum and there was no reply.

Ok thanks all for the replies, I think I understand a lot better now. Also found out that I can mark a word as known right from the lesson. I’ll keep on reading and listening. :slight_smile: