Identified my pronunciation problems

Having read Steve’s recent article on identifying your weaknesses in order to work on them and improve them I have paid much attention to my weaknesses in German. With respect to pronunciation I found that I have difficulty pronouncing an authentic ü - a problem flagged up by different tutors and German friends. My question is, now that I have identified this problem, how can I set about to rectify it? My friends and tutors have tried to help me pronounce it but it is still not completely correct.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

My husband used to have the same “problem” for a while - it used to sound quite charming. There is a somewhat crude way of practising: just think of the word “Hühnerpopo” and form the lips accordingly. Sorry for lowering the tone.

I suggest you try the following. This also works for the “u” in “tu” in French.

Pronounce “ooo” as in “you”. Keep your lips in the round position they form to pronounce the “ooo” then try to say “eee” as in “he”, without moving your lips. You will find that the tip of your tongue has to form a little funnel close to the front of your mouth to do this. Do it once and then keep practicing. Then pronounce it whenever it comes up in your reading and listening.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot for the advice. I hope I can sort this small problem out and I endeavour to identify my other weaknesses.