IDEL 1st Anniversary!

Hi there!!
We are very happy to celebrate our first anniversary creating lessons to help Spanish students at LingQ.
We have realeased more than 1000 lessons in our first year and there are much more to come!

We have just updated one of our most successfull collecions, Easy Conversations A1. We have added 20 new lessons to help you reinforce some vocabulary and expressions that may have already appeared in some other IDEL collections.

Easy Conservations A1: Easy Spanish (CONVERSATIONS) A1 - LingQ Language Library

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Congratulations! Sounds great.

I really don’t understand - why do you use such a fantasy name “IDEL” and not Albert and/or Berta?

I hope I will have enough time in the near future to brush up my Spanish and use your lessons!
Thank you!

¡felicidades! :slight_smile:

Everyone uses their names! But we are very creative Hape! Why should we just use our names when we can have a fancy name such as IDEL (Institute for the Development of Experimental Lessons)?
Isn’t that cool?? :wink:

You guys are doing a fabulous job. I wish I were learning Spanish again. I would want to graduate from the IDEL!