Ideas for iPhone LingQ app

  1. Isn’t it possible to add sound to LingQ Cards in iPhone app. It would be nice to listen words there. Now, if I doubt about word pronunciation, I should go back to text and listen it there. It’s uncomfortable.

  2. It would be better if new Daily LingQs stand on top of list.

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@den_m - Thanks for the suggestions. We can certainly look at adding a text-to-speech icon on the flashcards as well. For your second suggestion, do you mean that you’d like the order reversed so older dates are at the bottom? If so this is also something we can look into doing.

Good suggestions! One from me:

  1. Ability to change lingq status directly from the reading view. Preferably directly from the yellow popup window. Alternatively a long press on a yellow or underlined word could pop up the 1 2 3 4 X selection. Currently to adjust status you have to go through the card view.

The iPhone app is great (and much appreciated) for studying on the go.

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I think the app design is pretty good as it is, but it has a couple of problems that mean I rarely use it.

The main problem is that when I press a word to bring up the little bubble with the hint, I find it very difficult to get rid of this bubble. The little x at the top right is difficult to press, and I think that if there happens to be another LingQ behind the x, when I press the x, it then brings up the bubble for that word, which I then struggle to get rid of. I think this would be made much better if there was no x at the top right, and instead the bubble could be closed simply by pressing anywhere on it. Also, pressing anywhere on the bubble should not have an effect on what is behind the bubble. Alternatively, the bubble could simply disappear after 1 or 2 seconds automatically, but this might not be so good for longer phrases.

I also find that I cannot have audio repeat itself. There is a function for this, but more than 50% of the time, it does not work. For short 1 minute long audios that I want to listen to 50 times or more, I have to download the audio and put it onto my iPhone another way.

For these reasons, I only use the app for listening to longer lessons, which is a shame because it could be so useful otherwise.

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The remote control does not work with the iLingQ app!

What is the remote control? The thing on the apple headphones? I was surprised to see that it works with the LingQ website.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! We’ll look at implementing some of these as we continue improving our mobile apps. Feel free to keep the suggestions coming :slight_smile:

While on my iPhone 5, and by accident, I highlighted a word which was not lingqed. The pop up menue gave me two options: define or copy. On other words, it only gave copy. I think because it did not find them in the english dictionary (it was a german lesson). Also when the phone did not have the dictionary, it said it would download the dictionary (English) when on WIFI. Any idea how we can get the dictionary for the language we are learning?

@rayouby - It isn’t possible at this time to save LingQs through the app. It sounds like this was actually a built in feature of iOS, which allows you to define words across various different apps.

Here’s a thread I found about this that might be helpful about setting up the built-in iOS dictionary: