IDEA - Save lingqs in the forums

Just an idea while using the different forums. It would be nice if we could save lingqs and use the dictionnary in the forums.

It’s a good way to learn vocabulary reading real conversations and I wanted to go to the german forum but I’m good enough to understand anything; having the dictionary available would help a bit and let me try.

Maybe you already thought about it, maybe not, it’s just an idea.


Hi Lucas,
do you know babylon? I think it is a good idea to buy because with that I can go with a key and click to the dictionary and have promptly my translation. I need this.
The other is - here you have to write the word in for getting a translation but dict has a very good sound for giving you a correct pronunciation.

Hi Lucas,

You’re right. It would be good to LingQ vocabulary from any page on the site. We do have this in our future plans. Until then you can do as Irene suggests and also add these new terms to the Vocabulary page.