I'd like to correct your writing in English!

I know that many people on this forum will be learners of English, so I thought I might advertise here if anyone is interested in having submitted writing corrected for English! I’m relatively new to LingQ, but I have corrected writing on other web sites before in a similar style to this one. If you are worried about response time, do not fear! I have plenty of time in the afternoons and early mornings (GMT -0600) where I can correct for anyone who is willing to let me. I would like to build a reputation for correcting writing in English, and I hope to help anyone interested on their path to fluent communication!

Chris (rodier1128)

Thank you!. I am learning English, and sometimes need help with my homework. I speak Spanish, because I am from Chile and I take I course at my university. When I was more young I didn’t learn almost anything, but now I am really enthusiastic, I really want to learn English.

I need to improve my English, but I don’t know where…
I’m brazilian and speak Portuguese.
I discovered LingQ right now and I’m not so sure how about it can help me.
Someone know some blog were I can write and practise?
Thank you!