ICS 4.0.4 crash when clicking back button in lesson

While inside a lesson on ICS 4.0.4, if I press the android back button (i.e. not the back button within the ilingq app that says “back”), it will crash unexpectedly.

@milanmaras - We’ll look into this. What is ICS 4.0.4? Is that your device?

Android version is Ice cream sandwich 4.0.4. My device is a samsung galaxy nexus.

When you pressed the back button, had the lesson finished loading or was it still loading the audio and/or text?

Already completely downloaded and audio played. Remember I pressed the phone’s back button. Not the app’s back button. I can reproduce this every time and even after reboot.

OK. Do you get the same error when using the back button in the app? If not, try using that for now while we try to figure this out. If anyone else is getting the same error, be sure to let us know!

works fine if I use the back button within the app.

I re-installed the ROM and it’s working now. Issue can be closed.

OK, great. Glad to hear you got it working!