Ich brauche ihnen Hilfe , bitte

I need to learn German .I can help you with english and french at the same time .

Why don’t you relpy to my submissions ?

Let me give you a little advice: nobody know you because there a no information within your profile. I assume that you will get many answers if you make public a few information about you or a picture of you at least. It is not necessary but it’ll help.

@ sarah2010 : there is no obligation for anybody to reply to a question. People generally do it because they want to help. As Blackydierennmaus says, give us a reason to want to help you.

From what I can see of your forum activity, you seem to be able to express yourself in a lot of languages, so finding your way through to the German library should be no problem for you.

Just start and work your way through your first lesson, you’ll have a great sense of achievement if you do things for yourself. Should you not know how LingQ works, read the Help or FAQ etc.

You can always post specific questions in the German Open Forum should you ever get stuck on anything.

Good luck with your studies.

well , thank you for the advice .I am new in this site , and I know little about it.thxs

Hi Sarah,
i would love to help you with your German. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
If you like, we can start working on your German on 2th of July. Unfortunately we can’t begin right away because I’m on a business trip to London. Sorry