Ich brauche Hilfe , bitte

I find it difficult to submit my writtings to other members through this site , it gives me a warning message saying that I have to earn more points .I add more comments , but it is incredible it gives me the same message .Does this happen to you?

Ich brauche ihnen Hilfe .Ich bin traurig!!!

On the top of the page your points are shown. For writing submissions you need 3.33 points per word. If you want to submit a writing with 100 words you need 333 points. You have to buy them or to earn them. Please read the help files (by clicking on the question mark in the right corner of the page) if you need more help of explanation.

thanks , I will try again .
That is so complicated

do I need to pay for this ? Frankly , speaking a need free of charge service.hhh

That is not fair , the service should be free.
Well , I give up tutoring and correction .
Vielen Danke Vera

If you need any help , you just tell me .

Here is my e-mail adress : zanoubya123@hotmail.fr

Sarah, you are free to do as you like. If you do not see value in our community then I respect your decision to go elsewhere.

The only people who pay here, are those who value our service at LingQ and who like the way we are set up. So it is a matter of preference, not of fairness.

Oh , I am sorry , I meant no harm with this .I respect so much your community . I was just kidding with Vera .

I wish you good luck .