Iceland's President backtracks on ban idea

They revived Hebrew so why not old English? lol

I can’t altogether agree with the “Anglish” examples from the video I linked to above. I would prefer “bewonder” to “onlook”, I think. And “beknown” likewise seems better than “nameknown”. The coinage “showplayer” is also unnecessary seeing that we already have the word ‘player’ which can be used instead of ‘actor’…

(At the end of the day, the English speaker who wants to reconnect with Germanic linguistic roots is probably better off just learning German, Dutch, etc! :-D)


Old Norse is coming in April 2018 too!

Believe it or not, I already have every one of those titles apart from the first one! :slight_smile:

(I can’t stop myself from buying them: I suffer from undiagnosed Linguamania…:-P)

That’s pretty wild! I only have the Biblical Hebrew course in that list and other than that I have a course in Ancient Greek lying around somewhere. I often have trouble maintaining genuine interest over time, which is a shame.

The TY “Get Started in Latin” is actually pretty good. It features a kind of melodramatic storyline set at a medieval monastery, and it comes complete with audio recordings too.

(They should do the same for the Old English, Ancient Greek and Old Norse too, IMO. That way, people would have a chance of learning something!)

Prinz, you are looking at it wrong. When Icelandic is added to LingQ and you start learning it, you can import this crucial bit of information as a lesson. See it is a positive thing :slight_smile:


If somebody’s caught putting fish on pizza, in addition to the fine in Icelandic króna (Íkr), I would like to see them plant some much needed trees. The more, the better.

That sounded interesting. Maybe I should check it out. But what is there to read in Latin except the Catholic Bible maybe? Not that I have a problem with the Torah of course (obviously not since I bought the Biblical Hebrew course) but what else?

I think it’s a shame that the TY courses aren’t all structured the same. I bought a German course and I really didn’t like the structure of it. Too many exercises and the structure was unpredictable and generally a mess. Also there were no pronounciation lessons in the beginning.

We love ananas, ham and cheese on the pizza. We call it Pizza Hawaii in Germany :slight_smile:

If you do check it out, make sure you are getting the TY “Get Started in Latin” rather than the other main TY Latin title (which is just the usual offering of dry grammar, etc.)

Although I have good resources for Latin (Assimil does a course too!) I haven’t really devoted any time to it. I think there is quite a lot of Latin stuff out there to be read - like medieval and early Renaissance books, documents, histories, etc, as well as (obviously) the ancient Roman texts.

(Just one example: a certain amount of Martin Luther’s writings were in Latin rather than German!)

Thanks, I’ll remember that. One problem I’ve found with learning ancient languages though is that books tend to be insanely expensive! But I guess at least you don’t have to worry too much about pronounciation.

There’s an upside - the texts are all out of copyright :smiley:

So if you can get it for free in ebook format, you can read it on your iPad, etc…