I would like to send mini stories

Hello Lingq world

I have started a new language Tagalog and I have already translated and recorded some of the first mini stories. I would like to continue doing this and send it to you guys if you like to make it a beta language. How can I send it to you ? I guess I also need to sign something authorizing the recording/translation to be shared ?

can someone guide me as I plan to continue get stories translated & recorded


ammar عمار


Please contact me on zoran(at)lingq.com for more details. Feel free to send the stories you have done so far too.

Hello Zoran

it was sent to you just now

Hey, i’m a native Tagalog speaker. I’d be glad to help

Hi Zoran

Is there any prospect of having Tagalog/Pilipino as beta language soon, maybe along with version 5.0 this summer as mentioned in another thread?

Many thanks for any feedback,

@FrankG Tagalog is work in progress and we have some volunteers working on the Mini Stories in that language. Nothing in Filipino so far.


Hi Zoran

Sorry for my impatience, I was hoping for a provisional target date, but I realise the priority for you guys is to keep busy working on preparations for Lingq v5.0.

I’m just keen to study Tagalog using Lingq as I have often tried studying the formal traditional way periodically over past many years until I ran out of steam, but unfortunately never seemed to get that much further than the basic sentences and exchanging pleasantries, so really looking forward to it.

Btw, apologies for any confusion caused, I understand Filipino/Pilipino is the original name used for a national language based on Tagalog, I assume to make it sound more ‘national’ and palatable to all the other regional non-native tagalog speakers. Maybe similar connotation as referring to Mandarin as Putonghua? (Although others may have different interpretation).

Many thanks for your update, very much appreciated.
Best regards, Frank

We won’t be adding new languages before July most probably, we need to lauch LingQ 5.0 version first and then we will get back into adding new languages. Some are waiting in line for a while already.