I would like to have more lessons like this one (French)

I am just in beginner level. I found this lesson particularly interesting. It was shared by LingQ. Unfortunately it is not in a album. I thought this lesson might be an episode of a podcast or course, and maybe someone here know where it is from. Or, can someone recommend more lessons like it?


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so I google it using the texts from dialogue. turned out it’s a commercial lesson of FrenchPod(http://www.frenchpod.com/). They have free podcast, too, so it might be okay to put this lesson in LingQ Library. need to add provider info, though.

I just wanted to correct the “moi” and look for a provider, but without success. The system wouldn´t let me save the corrected text and the provider is shown as “none”. Pity.

你似乎比較尬意對話式音檔,Ling Q提供的’Who is she’很適合你

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It doesn’t let you save because the lesson has no image.

:stuck_out_tongue: 我"尬意"你說"尬意",倒是在學中文的人看得會霧煞煞! 呵…
“Who is she” 是一定要的啊! 不過那女生真的有點煩…

這有點像inside joke 你懂得