I would like more content for Finnish and resource suggestions for Beginners

Although I took just a few lessons, I think that FSI course and one about numbers is not enough for a Beginner 1 to reach a Beginner 2 level (I don’t mean technically). I encourage every person who is willing to share other lessons from their resources and, even better, any Finn who is willing to create and share their own lessons, to do that. I also need recommendation for things to Import. Kiitos in advance!

À free non-commercial website is www.kotisuomessa.fi
You can get some taste of spoken Finnish, but it’s probably not for absolute beginners. Start with a beginners book, teach yourself is ok. I started with importing news in “easy” Finnish, you can get both text and audio from “Yle”. But it’s kind of hard core, choosing that path right from the beginning.

Thank you for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind when my Finnish get better. :slight_smile: I found a perfect book for absolute beginners with audio embedded in it, and I am so happy because of it. I will import texts which are in Finnish and study them here simultaneously because I can’t live without lingqing lol