I would like guidance in my learning English, please

Hi, thanks for reading

I bought a premium account to increase my level of French (Intermediate) because I really enjoy listening to the variety of subjects offered by the LingQ system. I make this post because I realized I’m just focused on the French language and not in English which I’ve studied since I was a child (currently I have 23 years). I try to retake the English but I lost the motivation to study this language. I Try to start studying with LingQ system but I have noticed that I am very unstable on my level of English. I can understand every word I hear in some audios advanced level 1, but I find that at intermediate levels audios I still have to learn new vocabulary. The truth is that I do not know how to start studying English on LingQ because I do not want to get bored with easy audios at intermediate levels but I know that there are still words on that level I still do not know. How could again find the motivation to study English and foremost, find a stable way to use LingQ system with this language?

I’m really bad writing in English, sorry if I make many mistakes

I appreciate your comments, thank you

Don’t worry about words you don’t know. There are words I don’t know in beginner lessons in some languages even though I speak those languages quite well.

Jsut focus on working with content that you enjoy, content that interests you, or content where you enjoy the voice. Make sure you enjoy the language and the rest will come naturally. You already have a high level. I would also start speaking with tutors a few times a week. Again, find a tutor that you like.

Good luck in your English and your French.

Saludos. Me gustó mucho tu país cuando lo visité con mi esposa en el mes de marzo.