I will be in Japan from January 17 to 26, any chance for a meet up or two?

My lumber business takes me to Japan for the period January 17 to 26. I will be in Hokkaido, Akita, Nagoya, Osaka and Okayama. Details are being worked out. Is there any chance of meeting up with LingQers and other language keeners during that period? Who might be interested? Where and when can we meet?

I’d like to participate in one of the meetings in Osaka. I hope to meet a lot of other LingQers as well!

If possible, I would like to meet a lot of members of LingQers in Tokyo. It will be for the first time to meet everyone. I am always available if you tell me in advance.

How about the following possible dates for evening meet ups. Please let me if these work and who might be available. My schedule is still subject to change.

Also any suggestions re hour and place would be appreciated. Or should we combine Nagoya and Osaka?

Friday Jan 21 Nagoya
Saturday Jan 22 Kansai
Tuesday or Wednesday Jan 25 or 26 in Tokyo