I will be in Europe this fall. Any chance for meet ups?

It is my 65th birthday in October and my wife and I will be driving around Europe in the fall.

It looks like our route will look something like this, but very much subject to change. Any LingQers on our route?

Sept 25-26 Le Havre wood business related activity in France
Sept 29 Stuttgart
Sept 30 - Oct 3 Eichstaett near Munich CLIL language conference (http://bit.ly/bPV5H8)
Oct 3-5 driving from Eichstaett to Braga, Portugal
Oct 5-16 various locations in Northern and Central Portugal; language seminars in association with the University of Minho (http://bit.ly/cFH7T6)
Oct 17-26 drive from Portugal via Marbella, Barecelona, to Marseille
Oct 26-30 Sardinia and Sicily
Oct 30- Nov 15 Southern Italy
Nov 15- Dec 1 Central and Northern Italy on to Munich.

Steve, I live quite near to Stuttgart. What are you going to visit in Stuttgart? My wife and I would be happy to meet you!

It would be great to meet you. I will have a car so can easily move around. I think I will arrive in Stuttgart on the 29th and leave the same day or the following day for Eichstaett.

Steve, if you go to Barcelona, maybe we might take some coffe together.

Great, I also very mobile and can come to any place what would be comfortably for you.

Do you mean Eichstätt in Oberbayern? Is there something special wherefore you’ll visit this place?

For sure Oscar, and maybe Albert is available too.

Junair, there is a language conference in Eichstaett in Oberbayern (http://bit.ly/bPV5H8)

If possible I would like to join your coffee meeting in Barcelona!

That would be great. Maybe we could even meet for tapas!

Pierre, that’s not possible. Video conference consumes tones of electricity (two or three nuclear plants at 100% for each participant), so it’s better to meet in person.

great joke Oscar but nothing more.


Why don’t you make free with your money?

Some members probably augment their income through LingQ. We can’t expect them to give up their time for free.

The topic about if LingQ should be free or not comes up from time to time. For example:

I think that keeping up the discussion in this thread would be off-topic.
The same with climate change, saving the planet and so on…