I will be in Europe in November

For those who do not read my blog;

I need to be in Italy for my wood business from Oct 25 to 31,and in Sweden from Nov 16 -21. I do not want to fly back and forth to Vancouver so I plan to attend Expolingua in Berlin, from Nov 13-15, and between Nov 1 and 12 I would like to travel around Europe on a Eurailpass, meeting LingQ members and promoting greater awareness of LingQ.

I would like to meet bloggers, podcasters, or see if I can even get interviewed in the press and radio.

I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions from any of you. Who wants to meet up and where are you? Any ideas about people, organizations, conferences, mdia outlets, web related media people etc. that I could meet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Whereabouts in Sweden? Swedish national television has a show on Sunday afternoons, called “I Love Språk”. Maybe you can get an interview there.


I am flexible. I am attending a wood marketing conference in Karlstad, and will also be in Vaxjo and Stockholm, but I would certainly be willing to travel to get on a television show.

Jeff, I had a look at the site and it looks very interesting. Should I approach them or could you ‘suggest’ that they consider me as a possible interview/story during the period of my visit?

I can get in contact with them, give them some background info on the LingQ method et.c.