I want to unsubscribe and delete my imported lesson


I imported a lot of articles and subscribed to a lot of lessons on the LingQ (English) library. Is there any way to reset my courses with one click?

Thanks for the answer.

The quickest way is to delete the language in your settings. Otherwise, you have to delete your imported courses one by one, or lesson by lesson if you haven’t organized them into courses. There’s no reason to delete/remove the public courses you’ve taken.

PS: Sorry to see you go!

I am not going actually. There are a lot of lessons in “my lessons” so I want to organize them. BTW I tried to delete them one by one but I get error message. (500 Internal Error message)

Actually I have organized them on my smarthphone but still I see them on the web.

Can you please contact us on support(at)lingq.com and send us links to a lessons which you are unable to delete? Thanks!