I want to try something. Requesting if it ok here first

I’m currently learning french with the lingq system. it’s all going well and i’m up to 6000 words.

I’ve also been learning chinese but with pinyin only. I know there aren’t really any pinyin only lessons and the one’s that have pinyin, all the letters are separated up making it hard to lingq the words.

I then tried importing by own pinyin lessons in but then i notice that all the individual letters get split up (i guess this has something to do with splitting the chinese characters up) so I can’t lingq the words. How about if I open another language that i’m not studying and import a closed category just for me so that the pinyin stay in tact and then I can use this site as in intended but with pin to learn my chinese.

Not sure if this would work and i don’t want to mess up something.

Please no lectures saying that I should be learning chinese characters :slight_smile:



@jason UK - The biggest issue you will find trying to study Chinese using pinyin lessons is that you won’t be able to find a dictionary to give you translations of the terms you don’t know. If you do use another language slot and your pinyin texts have spaces between words, your blue popups won’t have any suggested user hints and you won’t be able to use any dicitonaries.
What I recommend is to study the texts with Chinese characters but run the texts through a pinyin converter so you can follow along in pinyin. Then you can save the pinyin in the hint field when you save the regular Chinese word. If you like, we can give you editor access to the Chinese lessons so you can add the Pinyin to the lessons and access Pinyin from a Pinyin tab. It will be more convenient to do it this way just like it works in some of our beginner lessons now. Let me know if you are interested or want more information about doing this.

Hi Mark

Yes I would be interesting in doing that and I would like more info about how I go doing that.

Much appreciated


You should now be good to go! Let us know if you have any additional questions.

By the way, for step by step instructions on how to add these resources to lessons, take a look at this blog post: http://bit.ly/oUrLKa

Pinyin appears under “Script Conversions”.

Many Thanks. I’ve uploaded my own lesson and added the translation and that seems find.I will soon start adding in the pinyin for other lessons when i get to them.
Is there a recommendation for the best translator. I had a look around and so far it seems using google translator to turn Hanzi into english and then use LINE Dictionary : English-Thai, Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionary to make it into pinyin seems the best.

Oh Actually. Google translate also translates it into pinyin. that’s great!!

…and i’ve now added pinyin to one of the previous opens lessons. I hope this is ok Login - LingQ

I wasn’t aware that Google did phonetic translations. Excellent discovery :slight_smile:

I can’t actually see the lesson that you linked to – you’ll have to use the URL found at the bottom of the page that ends in /buy/.

the URL is Login - LingQ

To get the pinyin for google translate is not obvious. you have to insert the hanzi to the left size and select the ‘From:’ drop down to chinese and also the ‘To:’ drop down to chinese then click translate and then push the small button at the bottom of the right translation with the ‘a’ symbol in. la voila.

You’re right, it’s not obvious at all. I’ve seen the button, but never even considered clicking on it :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, this button appears underneath the source text as well, so it doesn’t actually even matter what language you translate to.

By the way, the lesson looks great! It’d be awesome if you did this for other lessons you come across as well :slight_smile:

I will do.