I want to talk with natives

How can someone improve English if he/she talks with native on daily basis. Any guaranttee?

It’s like any other skill, if you do it everyday you will improve.

Thanks. Would you like talk me?

I’m not a tutor, but you can find one who offers conversations by doing this:

a. Go to the top of this page.
b. Put your mouse over “Lessons”
c. Choose “speak” from among the options in red letters.
d. Choose a tutor who offers English (there are many)

If you want to know more about the tutor, click on his/her photo and read the tutor’s profile.

You can earn points by adding podcasts to the libraries or you can buy points and spend them on conversations with the tutors.

If you have a paid membership, you have 500 points to spend and you can buy points at a discount.

The other (free) option is to offer Urdu in exchange for English in your profile and see if anyone is interested.

In the meantime, you can listen to podcasts and practice by speaking aloud. I suggest using interviews in the English library for this.

Steve usually suggests listening and reading a lot (and this is his site) and that’s helpful, but I like to speak out loud and write while speaking. In other words, even if you don’t have a speaking partner you can still practice speaking.


Record your voice.
Write out the podcast after you’ve listened to it and speak the words aloud as you write.
If you find these suggestions helpful, keep doing them.

In my opinion, the only people who fail at a language are people who give up.

Happy learning!

Thanks a lot partner(Mfam). Please let me know if I could do something for you. Thanks again for your support & assistance.

With Best Regards,

Further, I apprecite if could add me in skype (my identity in skype = Haroon 1222). I won’t mind if you are not a tutor, I’m sure i can still learn a lot if i chat with you. In reciprocation i can ready to teach Urdu and Punjabi to you & forum member.

Thanks in advance to have your positive feedback.

Best Regards


Thank-you, but I don’t have skype yet.

Its very easy to make an account in skype. Please do so for me or refer someone.

Thanks & Regards