I want to say

It has been like 7 years until I got my English learning up again last month on LingQ. LingQ was recommended by my friend who learned language on the site. Then I signed up for a member of LingQ. But I found it was too difficult for me when I opened it first time. Because I have not operated this system right. I just know basic English. So I was a beginner. But I chose a conten "live in the moment”that was on intermediate level 2. It was a long article and there were too many new words. (I didn’t know why at that time). I told myself don’t give up, I can do it. Then I started listening and reading it. I focused on one paragraph at a time until I could read it fluently. I spended a long time to finish this lesson. I was so happy I have done it. It gave me confidence. So whatever difficultness I encountered after that. I have told myself not to worry, if I got this lesson"Live in the moment’ I also can get this. I just need to listen a lot and read a lot as what has Steve said. I really thanks very much for this systerm. It helps me a lot. I really thanks very much for Steve. He gives me hope and confidence.I also really thanks very much for everyone who works on LingQ or learns on LingQ. I like English. I hope I can fluent in English in the future. That is my point. Maybe there are many mistakes in this writting. But that is what I wanted to say. Thanks for reading it.

There are very few mistakes in what you have written. It is very clear. Thank you for your kind comments. Keep up the hard work. The main thing is to enjoy your learning. The improvement will come naturally.

I enjoyed reading your about your experience with learning English! Your words are truly an inspiration and quite comprehensible. Keep up the great work!

Oh, my! Here’s my correction: “I enjoyed reading about your experience…” (It’s been a long day of final exams! :slight_smile: )

i´m a new member and i have to say that there are a lot of good things here which will help me for sure to improve my english

i am in the same situation with mmj at this time. the first time i was introduced by AJ Hoge the director of effortless english. now all day time i put my nose on the computer with the hope that i can make a great difference. all here all new to me. i overwhelm myself in messy. the most important thing that i want now is a help. who can share me what i do with this site? how i do it in an effective w3ay?

someone advises me to wait until i have enough 300 words. i don’t know what does he mean. so i answer i have more than 300 words but in fact when i opened the profile i saw i have only 26 words. how can i get more?

There are mistakes in your writing, anejame. There are mistakes in my writing as well when I write in another language. The more we write, the better we become at seeing the details if we pay attention.

You shouldn’t give up, though. It takes time to learn a language well.

When I read your writing, I kept wondering if you were trying to pass a specific test. The kind of questions you ask remind me of the kind of questions ESL learners from Japan and Taiwan ask.

I hope that you stay and learn some English as it’s “really spoken” here.

If you can’t do that for some reason (and Vietnamese is not offered as a language for tutoring), you could try Lang-8 and find a language exchange partner there.

“Someone advises me to wait until i have enough 300 words. i don’t know what does he mean. so i answer i have more than 300 words but in fact when i opened the profile i saw i have only 26 words. how can i get more?”

You already know more than 300 words. Maybe he meant 3,000 words.
You can start speaking. You don’t have to make complex sentences. You can express yourself very well if you use simple sentences.

On the right of the page, at the top, find the word “Help”. Click that. There should be a video showing how to use LingQ.

thank you very much indeed. can i sign up as a tutor to improve my speaking ? how can i do that?

You can sign up with a tutor/for a conversation at Lessons->Speak (and from there, check who’s available)

If you sign up as a tutor, you’re the one that learners of Chinese will want to speak to.

Oops, Vietnamese.

Actually, I talked with mmj1958 in Chinese last evening (not LingQ’s conversation). I really enjoyed it.


I would like to learn Vietnamese in the future.

Hello, mmj1958! I have read an interesting story about your experience of studying of English.
When I listen English articles, I understand single words and do not understand general idea. Then I work with text a lot of time. It is not very pleasure. How can I make listening more interesting for me?

Hi! Ks. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! The English learning is always interesting for me. When I starting a new concent. I will listen to it a few times without understanding. Then I start creating lingqs and try to understand the whole conten. After that, I understand the general idea. Then I spend a lot of times to read and listen to it until I can read it fluently. If you do that, you will find you can understand the meaning of a sentence that you have not understood before. The content will be more and more clearly. You can read it more and more fluently. You will be confident that you can read it like a native speaker. When I have encountered some difficultness. I would imagine that I was talking with a native speaker of English in fluently. It has encouraged me. I hope this can help you. Let’s go on together.

Hi, mmj1958!!! Thanks for your advices! I hope a soon listening of foreign texts will give me pleasure!!! I wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

hi just came to wish happy new year to all,all the best for all peoples to forum,i am beginner to english,i’m starting in english now,sorry for any problem in my english.