I want to practice Chinese and English

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie around here, and I really like this site… I have been learning English for ages and its advanced now and also for a year and a half I have been learning Chinese from school and I want to improve it… I’m from Turkey btw, and should any of you need any help about Turkish language or culture I would be glad to help as much as I can…

contact me:

msn: psychousan@hotmail.com

skype: psychousan

Talk to you soon :wink:

Hi Psychousan,
I am also a learner of English and we can practice it together… I’ve been learning English for many years but I still doubt about my communication skill.
Kepp in touch!

hi! friends
im also learner of English too.
so add me as “hoangkf” on spyke.
i want to try speak English so much.