I want to make use of “AND” tags, not just “or” tags

I have tagged a fair bit of words, and plan to tag more as they arise, but i want to be able to refine my search with “AND” relationships of tags, and so far i only seem to be able to use “OR” relationships with tags

For example, say I have words tagged into groups within categories. Each category contains Group 1,2,3. Maybe I want to refine my search to display only group 2 within category 3. If I check the tags category 3, and group 2, these OR tags display EVERY thing that is tagged group 2, REGARDLESS of what category it is in.
I know i could make a single tag called “category 3, group 2” for everything that falls in that subgroup, but that would get way overly redundant and require many many tags, compared to simply using an AND relationship between the two tags that ONLY displays what is BOTH in group 2 and category 3.

Is there not a way use an AND relationship with my tags, or is it only OR relationships?

Or is there a better workaround than having to make a tag for every single combination of categories?

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