I want to learn Yiddish - can I get help?


I’m interested in learning to speak Yiddish, is there a way to find people who speak the language?

I have a Yiddish study book, I also found a dictionary called the Uriel Weinreich Yiddish-English dictionary which I plan to order of of Amazon.

There’s also a few videos on youtube and a few pdf books on the internet

A video example…
Standup by famous Yiddish speaking comedian (with Hebrew subtitles):

Library of books:

All that I need is to find a way to practice speaking the language. Can anyone help?
Maybe there are also resources with books and videos that I don’t know of.

I speak and am literate in 3 languages, Hebrew, Russian and English. My vocabulary in English is pretty well developed so I don’t have any problems with it, the grammar and forms in English are also second nature to me.
My native language is Russian. I currently live in Israel so I have no choice but to speak Hebrew.

So can anyone help?

Thank you,

Try searching for other LingQers who have an Israeli flag ? Sorry that`s all I have.

Aren’t you living in the ideal country for finding a tutor? There are some wonderful Yiddish writers, have you ever listened to any audiobooks by them (if there are any, that is)?

SanneT, well what do you know, I googled Yiddish tutors in Hebrew and found a few.
Funny how I had to have someone from all the way in Britain tell me something so obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yiddish is a dying language, the Hasidic ultra orthodox Jews do speak it but they aren’t very open to conversation with secular folks.

I’ve thought of something else: there’s a contemporary writer (brilliant, btw) in France, Gilles Rozier, who writes and lectures also in Yiddish. He is/was involved with the Yiddish Cultural Centre in Paris, I believe (my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, the 60s are taking their toll at last…). Might it be worthwhile approaching him to see whether he has any good contacts/resources in Israel?

Found him on facebook. lets see if he answers.

Yiddish may be a dying language in many parts of the world, but I’m happy to report that it’s thriving here in NYC. I hear it just about every day! Although I know that’s no help to you! Best of luck.