I want to know things about you

i want to know things about you

whats your name first


I need to practice the language english and I have to learn new vocabolary
please write me and tell me What do you like to do?


Hi everybody. My name is Andrea. Maybe this thread could be a good idea to practice. My native language is portuguese how about yours?

Hi Andrea:

My name’s Ernesto Perez, I from Mexico City, I’m a Project Management and I will like to speak with you everday, What’s you opinion?

It’s very important for me I speak english soon, because in my job I have many equipment suppliers in North-America and really I need to call them by phone or to send them emails in English.

I’ll like to you write me soon.

Hi, Ernesto,
I’m Ana from Brazil, I can’t talk to you everyday, but maybe we could speak once a week or so.
I’m a graduate student in computer science, we could talk about tech news, what do you think?
My skype name is learn.lang.

Hi Ernesto. I´m from Brazil. I learned english when I was a child and have never lived abroad. Till last year I was an owner of my own business, working as importer and wholesaler. Among others, I actuated as international buyer as main function. So I did have to improve language, just like you. And I got it. Well, at least I reachead my goals as buyer.
So I assure you that as time goes by, you will feel your language skills getting better, because the needs of your job will do that with you.

I suggest you, as training, tell me a little about your job. This could be a good exercise. But remember, there will not be best exercise than the conversation between you and suppliers.

Hope hearing from you!


Hello everyone!
My name is Rodrigo. I’m from Brazil. I start to study English seven months ago and I’d like help to improve my English as well.
I don’t have vocabulary enought, but I have an objective and I want to reach it.
I’m a Graphic Designer and iI believe that it’s very necessary for me to learn English and can be fluent. I know that I have a long way till this objective.

Hi ana-paula:

Is a great idea we talk by skype, My account is pinpon342006.
Please tell me What time we could to talk in the weeday? or
Maybe in the weekend?

Also I graduated in science computer in the year 2000, I’m expert in Security IT , I like very much the products the Trend Micro, Mcafee and Fortinet.

Did you know this products? and Did you use that one?


Hi andrea:

I have may functions in my job, I have to check everday ten windows servers.

Also I check one Firewall the kind Fortinet and I try to help to users of the net.

Daily I monitor the performance the each server and chek the update of system too.

Once a month I suggest to my Boss new proyects of network security.
Please tell me, What about you?


Since the beggining of 2008 I am not working (out of home, at least) anymore. I am “proudly” pregnancy and decided to stay at home. Maybe it sounds a little odd, but I felt it is time to take care of myself and family.
But, in other hand, I still keep in contact with suppliers I have known during the period I worked as buyer and also do some freelances as internacional buyer.
But talking about you, why do you have to speak with suppliers? And, as far as I understood you are an IT professional, am I right? I have noted in a post above Ana Paula is in this area too.

See you

Hi, everyone
I’m Jane. I am from China. I have been learning english since mid-school, but have little oppotunity to practise my oral english. Welcome to talk with me as a friend. We can talk China and your country. Since the olympic game will be held in China, I think it is also a good topic.


Hi everyone
I’m Nthabi from South Africa. I want to make frineds and at the same time improve on my english as i’m very nervous to speak to people because i’m scared of making mistakes and laughed at.

Hi, Ernesto
I usually study around 9-10 PM, gmt-3, but I had some tough weeks until yesterday, so I was not turning on skype. From now on, I will be there more frequently, ok?
I’m not very tied to specific TI products, since I work at academia. I’m a teacher, but right now I’m pursuing my doctorate degree in image processing. (I guess you though I was a undergraduate student…) :wink:
So, I’m more tied to some general purpose programming languages/environments than to products: C++, Java, and some Matlab. The next weeks I’ll probably learning to use OpenCV. But we could talk about tech gadgets, or anything else. The most important is to speak!
See you

Hello Nthabi!!! I´m Andrea (from Brazil) What a coincidence, I have an aunt and cousins who live in South Africa!!!
Firstly, don´t be ashmed talking in english, after all, we all are here to learn!!!
But, I thought, south africans speak english, isn´t that right?
See you!!!

Hi Andrea

Yes, I can speak english, my problem is i’m very much hesitante when it comes to speaking to people.I’m not confident thats my problem. Where in SA are your relatives?

hi everybody!
i’m warda.i’m coming from pakistan for few months.i m speaking english for little bit…not confidence…please help me…talk me please… at least my hesitationis gone.

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Mo0on
.I’m from Qatar ,I am 15 years old ,I don’t speak english very well but i try :slight_smile:

I hope we talk each ather and make friends


i’m Tomas, or you can call me tjankus ;-).

I’m from Lithuania (EU), learning Spanish here. My native language is Lithuanian, i also speak a bit Russian, and pretty well English (i guess, i should say i write, read and understand spoken English well, however, it’s a bit confusing for me to speak).

I’d really like to find somebody to help me with Spanish. I’d also be glad to help improve your English, if there is anybody who needs it.

Take care :wink: