I want to downgrade or delete my account, but

To downgrade you must have fewer than 5 imported unshared lessons. Delete imported unshared lessons until you are below this limit then downgrade again.

Is that a joke?

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It is a legal practice implemented in all western countries. It is easy to subscribe for a service and difficult to unsubscribe. It is the common practice here in Germany, as an example, so to speak. I see it all the time with insurance companies and the like.
How’s in your country? But, yeah, from a business point of view it is very wrong way of doing a business transaction. Customers should join the service willingly also unjoin the service willingly. I have no idea why LingQ does this but I thought it would have been addressed in the new version.


@herrm If you need help to cancel subscription and get rid of your imports, let me know, I’ll gladly assist.

yes I would like to cancel my subscription.

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Sure, I took care of it for you.

As soon as possible, I do not want to pay the next month.

It’s taken care of. Your account is scheduled to drop to the FREE plan after your current paid period expires.