I want a link to LingQ on my blog

I’d like the link to be the LingQ logo, like on the Linguist blog. I’d also like a link to a “What is LingQ all about” guide for newbies.

How do I do it? I don’t understand much about blog formatting.

When you write a blog post there are formatting options, similar to in any word processor. For instance, you can insert an image, select it, and link it to an URL. You also have an option to turn the HTML coding on, in which case you can locate the spot where you want the banner to appear, and then paste something like this:


I suppose you’re able to add a “My links” category anywhere in the right side of the blog.

Thanks Jeff!

I also want

my son to stop helping me type this!

I also want a link to Ogg and Thagg. Presumably that’s done on similar principles?

Here’s the link to Og and Thag, LingQ - Og and Thag - YouTube. This link will take you to the video on Youtube. If you want to embed the player on a page on your blog, you can do that too. Then you can link to that page from your sidebar.

My blog is now turbocharged with go-faster stripes and lots of lingQ links!

I guess it still wants to refer to LingQ’s YouTube, facebook and twitter “presence” though. That’s tomorrow’s project…

I like the link to LingQ and to Og and Thag but the layout is quite different. I preferred the layout you had before. Are you not able to keep the same column widths as before?

I just thought it looked a bit…blue. I have no idea how to change the column widths, most of the ready-made templates truncate the LingQ badges which doesn’t look good. What about now? It’s the same layout as before, but in green.

Looks good! The column widths are back to normal.