I want a conversation with Steve

Steve Kaufmann, I would like to have a video chat with you in Japanese and I would like to record it and put it up on my YouTube channel. If possible, today or tomorrow. If not, then perhaps next week.


I would be happy to have a video chat with you and find out how you capture it for your youtube channel. I will do the same. Today is fine. What time?

Thank you Steve. I use a Skype plug-in named Call Recorder by Ecamm Network to capture and then I will import to iMovie to edit and export.

If today is still ok, anytime 90 minutes from now or later will work.

Thanks again for the Japanese conversation, Steve. We had a good chat.
Please see the post above for the link to the Skype plug-in I use.
The video is ready. Anybody who would like to see it can follow the links below.

Here are the urls:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Cool! I’ve watched both of them just for the fun of it - I don’t know any Japanese. I understood maybe four or five words. :slight_smile:

I just watched one video. As a native speaker, I think that it is very natural, no mistakes. I would like to speak French like your japanese. I hope that you will get a job in the future.

Thanks for watching! If anyone else would like to appear with me on YouTube speaking Japanese, please let me know.

I can’t speak a word of Japanese, but I found them interesting nevertheless! Kind of makes me want to take up Japanese now…

酷毙了!That was a really interesting watch, seems like such a good way to review oneself. Atleast thats how I plan to use it. Keith, thanks for the link to the software you used. Steve thanks for helping make this video. Inspiring guys, thanks. 很有用!现在我可以试一试。