I think a pat on the back is in order for the guys at LingQ

I must say that I’m really enjoying learning my target language here on LingQ and the site is really quite a good bit of kit.

Sure there are plenty of things to improve. In fact, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t. This is a new type of learning environment with little to be compared to. You’re a blazing pioneer on the western front, so-to-speak. A lot of the concepts here on LingQ are new and revolutionary, so its going to take time to “mature” much the same way many other things mature slowly over time.

It’s good to see a lot of input / feedback in the forums from members, the good AND the bad. There is a lot of potential there to explore ways to evolve the way LingQ works. I believe that it’s a good idea to remain fair, just and above all don’t take things personally. I’m sure there are times when you just want to pull your hair out over the endless supply of nitpicking but just realising that no matter how good or bad you make LingQ, there will always be nitpicking and it’s just a part of life.

What LingQ has is content and you should all be commended for putting up all the content that is on there at the moment. Loads and loads if interesting content. Actually, I should be even more precise:

LingQs main asset is:
“Real authentic audio conversations that have been transcribed with an accompanying text”.

I think that is the most important resource on this site. The point and click and save interface is nice, but I don’t always use it. It can easily be copied by any of your competitors and I know its “new” and “revolutionary” but I’m worried that as you guys get more and more successful you’ll start to get entrepreneurs starting up sporting similar point-click-save interfaces. I’m a programmer and, yes, I know all to well how easy it would be to make a similar system, but thankfully the point-and-click thing isn’t what makes LingQ at all - it’s the content.

I became painfully aware of this only a few weeks ago. “Content”!!!
I had the first 5 sections of Who Is She transcribed in to vietnamese with a transcript. Total cost? $70 USD. I also became painfully aware of the web’s current inadequacy when it comes to real interesting content WITH transcripts in foreign languages. Even in a language as abundant as French, it’s very hard to find transcribed content. I had to PAY through the nose to get content in Vietnamese, and it will probably have to be the case with a lot of other things. If there was a website that HAD all these things, as LingQ does, it would be a wonderful ongoing resource for language learners of all languages. So please keep going with that. Le Podcast High Tech is great. More more more more more more more more more and more pls. MORE!

So please, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep listening to your customer base. Try and make your improvements, but also keep on vying for as much new content as you can and expand your content library, if that isn’t the primary goal already. Getting your users to provide the content for points, I believe, is a great idea. It’s the basis for most web 2.0’s like youtube, ebay, google, myspace. Let the people MAKE and SHARE the content.

Again, well done on getting LingQ to where it is. Much appreciated and I hope your business, customerbase and content grows. This has the potential to be a win-win situation for everyone.

Thanks Roy. I can tell you we really appreciate these kind words. We are working hard to get LingQ to where we want it. It will depend on our community. We have to grow our membership a lot. It is very heartening to have high quality, positive and constructive members like you and many others.

I am glad you felt Who is She worth translating into Vietnamese. We hope that some of our creative members will come up with more content like this, where there is a story in 15 or 20 episodes that gets progressively more difficult. If we get it in one language then we can translate it and make it available in other languages.

By the way, when we get Vietnamese on the site, I hope you will offer your Vietnamese version to us. You should be able to recover your costs.

No problem Steve, I will upload it as well as the other translations I end up doing when it becomes available on LingQ.

AUTHENTIC content. I am so tired of text-book pieces of material spoken very slowly and clearly.

COMMUNITY. I feel optimistic that, if I really wanted a particular type of content, I could ask some of the LingQ members to record it for me in their native languages. And I’d be happy to do likewise. We’re practically family.

Having imitators is the mark of a successful product. The trick is to be better than the imitators, and to get your product accepted as the industry standard. So maybe LingQ needs to own the copyright of most of its content? Then the imitators can’t just nick it.

I think that it’s true when imitators come out it will be an issue. For the moment LingQ has very little if any competition. This is where the advantage must be drawn out. The advantage will be in the vast library of audio/ebooks and a large effective community of people interconnected via the LingQ network for things like skype chat, sharing content and this forum.

What many content providers do, like iTunes, is make agreements with the content providers. You provide your content to LingQ. they transcribe it. The learners then purchase your content and you get paid. From the perspective of a TV / Radio content provider they will view LingQ as another potential type of revenue stream. Now if you want to get really down and dirty, if LingQ were to grow to a large size, they could explore the possibility of “exclusive” content for LingQ. As far as LingQ is concerned, it would be content that the providers promise will only be available in the language learning arena to LingQ and nobody else.

Thus if you lock in the premium content providers early, you’d have a more exclusive offering.

Its nice to imagine going in to LingQ, click on workdesk and it resemble something more like the homepage of scifi.com with links to the latest bleeding edge movies / tv / radio all transcribed and ready for your learning pleasure :slight_smile: of course, we have a long long long way to go before we get to these dizzying heights. it’s nice to set yourself a goal tho. that is a nice goal in my mind :slight_smile:

There is no imitator today simply because people don’t believe in LingQ’s approach. Sooner or later, some will be convinced by the approach, and will start imitating (or cloning, as it is often known as).

Only content created by the members and LingQ cannot be reproduced. The rest, such as transcriptions from affiliated partners or audio from wikipedia, can be reproduced elsewhere.

In the long run, assuming that there will be LingQ clones around, whoever can make the most partners with the content provides, and transcribe the most efficiently will win, at least in the ‘content’ front of the war.

Thanks for all the ideas. Please keep it coming.

I think we have to rely on making LingQ a dynamic and constantly evolving community where people enjoy learning and helping each other. It just has to keep on getting better, and the cost has to remain reasonable versus the value of the experience.

We certainly want to sell copyrighted material from quality content sources, since that would be more convenient for most people who then would not have to import it into LingQ as happens now.

Since we rely on lots of free content out there, I do not see us trying to copyright our own content. Let people use it and spread the word. We could however, publish and sell books and CDs of our content one day and share the revenue with our authors. That is a long way away.

The key thing now is to get more members and increase the momentum. This will make us more attractive to these content providers.

It’s nice to have others imagining the possibilities of LingQ and getting excited about it! For too long it has just been us doing this. Now, of course, we have to get a lot of people excited about LingQ. To be honest, if we ever get imitators that will be a good problem to have since it will mean we’re catching on!