I supposedly have 80K known words but in reality

65K. How can this be explained?

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The same for me. Instead of 12K+ the filter shows me 1300.
My guess was, that only deliberately added linqs are getting in the Vocab list, that is if you haven’t them marked as known on the spot or by paging. But it hasn’t been proved by the Created/Learned LingQs ratio in my stat.

As far as I know your vocab list is only LingQs. Words marked known without a LingQ won’t appear there.


Yeah, that’s a possibility. Words that were marked as known right away might be excluded from the list.
Nevertheless LingQ keeps the data about all the words. I wonder if it’s possible to get the full list.
I downloaded the list of words via LingQ API, but again got the same 65K words.

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That’s actually how LingQ always worked. On the Vocabulary page, you can only see the list of LingQs you saved and make them Known (status 4 or check-marked). Words you make known directly in a lesson, without saving them to your vocabulary will increase the number of your Known words, but won’t be in a vocabulary list.

A list of all Known words isn’t available.