I still receive emails about new forum posts

I switched off all email notifications, but I still receive emails about new forum posts.

See http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160810/6xl7wdmh.png

To switch these off, I have to uncheck a check box “Watching Thread” in every thread I wrote messages.

I don’t understand why my email preferences are not respected by the system.

Please fix this…

Yep! That’s correct vrwtwt!

You’ve got to un-tick each and every thread in order not to receive emails as the default option automatically overrides any preference you may have for not receiving emails.

I always make sure to scroll up to remove the tick as default located next to “Watch Thread” at the top of the screen simply because I cannot bear to get bombarded with “meaningless” mails. I say “meaningless” because they well not be meaningless but they are a pain in the neck!

It’ll soon become a habit for you, if you hate getting such emails as much as I do!