I share two excellent books that will teach you a lot of vocabulary

The Power Of Habit

The 5 AM Club

Soon I will share more ebooks.

Do you have an interesting audio book that you want to share with us?


I have spent quite a bit of time on this question. Imo, sapiens by harrrari is the most balanced book you could ever read since it contains several academic fields, mostly social sciences and humanities, and it is written for the general audience. Imo, one should read his other the books as well, since he tends to repeat himself WHICH IS GREAT to reinforce the words you have seen.


Thanks for your recommendation, I’ve ordered it.


Are you talking about ebooks in English, or in any language?

If the books are in Spanish, I would be interested! What are you learning, English? I am learning more Spanish. Thanks.

Dear LingQers,

Just a short reminder:
You should only share material without copyright publicly.

Books like “The Power of Habit”, “The 5 AM Club”, or the “Harry Potter” series are copyrighted material that you shouldn´t share at all!

LingQ is a language learning platform, not an illegal file sharing service…


in fact, I’m going to put these courses in private, LingQ might end up being harmed because of it.