I say thank you for the self created content

I want to say thank you to all the content providers here at LingQ that creates content by their own. I know how much work that is but this material is a lot more interesting for me than the mass of VOA articles or old books from Librivox. VOA and Librifox are a not bad, but it is boring when the library is dominated by those items.

Ant it is no problem to import articles from VOA and from Librivox and I can find such material by my own. It is not a big deal to import such material in LingQ.

But to create own, original content, created by members of LingQ, spoken by native speakers is really, really great! And you cannot find comparable material on the internet.

What I miss in the English library is good stories in a modern style (not old ones like in Librivox), audio plays or funny podcasts. The German learners understand what I’m looking for when they know “Crimepod”, “Detektei Suni & Partner”, “Dübels Geistesblitz” or “T…T…T Ein Podcastkrimi”.

What I would like to have in the French library is more easy content. That would be great! For example easy dialogs, simple stories, or a diary in easy French.

I know I’m repetitive but are there any ideas for interesting content for the English library? Modern stories, audio plays etc.

And thank you again to all providers of self created content!

It’s not difficult to add content per se. There may be copyright issues involved, however, if I understand it correctly.

I have a story that I wrote a few years ago. I can read and record it or we can have someone else do it, if people are interested.

Excuse for my slow response.
I agree with Vera. Now I study only English here in LingQ and don’t know much about any other language contents.

Since I joined the LingQ in 2007, mostly I’ve been looking for the contents of natural conversations like EnglishLingQ podcasts here in LingQ library. I’m a big fan of EnglishLingQ podcasts. Casual and natural conversations make me fun and keep my motivation to learn English. I probably listened to those episodes, which are conversations with Steve, Mark and Jill at least over 100 times each. Since Jill left the LingQ, my passion of listening to the those contents is getting come down. I miss Jill’s voice and new episode with Jill very much. I also like the Steve’s interviews in the library. If some native speakers create these kinds of contents and provide us, it would be great! I know some members create their own contents and share them. Thank you very much!!

As a matter of fact, recently I import a lot of contents from VOA to English library. I found some of the article are interesting. However, VOA cannot beat EnglishLingQ podcast episodes and other member’s created contents!

I’m a listener of some American radio podcats. They talk a lot in the show, but there are no transcripts and no copy right.

Thank you again for all providers of self created content here in LingQ.

Let’s hear it for Dübels Geistesblitz!

The Germans, as far as I can see, lead the world in excellent amateur podcasts, and amateurs are usually happy to let us use their material. By contrast the English-speaking world seems to leave podcasting to professionals, and the French and Russians don’t really seem to have embraced the podcast medium with any great enthusiasm yet.

at first I thought the same - I couldn’t find content that was allowed to bring.
I think it is only Vera’s effort that she could find possibilities and has contact with those people who allowed to share.
But I know she wrote uncountable emails.

Hi astamore, It would be nice if you record your story!

Hi nabuo, I like the EnglishLingQ Podcast too. But it would be nice if other people would be involved. I think Mark and Steve are doing well, but to have more different voices would be fine! You will not find podcasts with transcript for German. I have done most of the transcripts by myself. But this could be done by motivated persons. The copyright is the biggest problem. Therefore I asked for self created content.

Hi Helen, I did a lot of research. And I asked a lot of people for allowance. You have to be creative :slight_smile:

Hi Irene, Thank you for the explanations.

I’ve been thinking about starting some kind of simple serial in addition to the regular everyday diary I do. I think that it’d be interesting for me to do and fun to read… we’ll see…

Hi Vera,
I was thinking about new contents, and you just gave me a few new ideas.
And, yes, it is a lot of work, to create new contents on your own, but it is
fun, really. Would you be interested by something in French-Québécois?

Hi Marguerite,
At the moment I’m interested in easy, short items, because my knowledge of french is low.
Good beginner material should have:

  • easy words
  • short sentences
  • easy structures
  • easy tenses
  • clearly pronounced
  • short
    I bought me some audio courses which offers me such content but it would be great to have some like that at LingQ.

On the other hand I think each content is good because I will improve and then I could use more advanced content:-)


Have you listened to Margo’s excellent simple dialogues in French?

Yes, the audio is very good! Is this a Canadian accent? It sounds a bit different from the other items that I listen to. But I wish to have a lot of easy content. I’ve done the German version of the simple dialogues.

My feeling as a learner is that I need lots of very easy input to stay motivated. Short items, easy words and structures, very clearly pronounced and not too quickly spoken. I struggled to not get bogged down with the beginner content at LingQ.

I love to have a bit redundant material. Then my brain has enough stuff to work with already. And I feel good when I understand a lot from a new item only from listening to it. That motivates me. I started with some beginner audio courses with French. After two months working with this material I felt able to start with the material at LingQ, and then I got to grips with the content.

It would be great to have more beginner content. I think all beginners would be thankful.


I’ve recorded some English content that I’ve recently added to the library (although I don’t think they show up in the ‘recently added’ part of the page). I grounded it in my interested (philosophy), but I wanted to make the same conversation that suits several levels at once. Maybe that way, once someone feels comfortable with one chapter of the story at their level, they can look at the same story at a higher level or otherwise just continue the story at their current level. It also gives people with higher motivations a chance to look at difficult content but see the basis of the story’s meaning by looking at the same chapter at a lower level. What do you think?

It’s called “Think About It”. I hope anyone who looks at it will give me feedback on it. Much appreciated.

P.S. I wonder if the website designer of LingQ could consider making a small sidebar section that allows people to give feedback, either as a + or -, or as comments.

On that note, I wish there was a feature that would allow us to edit something we post… I make such dreadful mistakes and forget to look over my comments before posting them -.-


If your lessons aren’t appearing on the “Recently added lessons” page then they’re probably not public and you need to go in and share them…

you are mistaken, sometimes shared lessons do not appear on the recently added lessons, as system analyses date of content creation, not date of content sharing. It happens when you created lesson some days ago, and just did not have time to record audioversion. Then you record and share, but date of content creation is rather old, and if there were a lot of updates recently, your lesson are not appear on the list of last added lessons

Vera, I have to say I would love a daily French diary too! Something like that would be fantastic! It wouldn’t have to be long - just everyday sentences, maybe a few funny stories about things that happened. I don’t know about everyone else but I get an added kick out of understand jokes in a foreign language.

I’m hoping to make some English-language content soon. Anything interesting I can offer from a UK perspective? Any requests?

I’d also like to chip in and thank everyone for creating content. I really like listening to Vera’s diary in German. The language is easy for me so I find it nice and relaxing :slight_smile: and yet I still learn new words from it, which is great! I already told Marianne but I also really liked the simples dialogues - I thought they were funny.

So, yes. Keep it coming, I suppose!

I’ve created a beginner collection in Portuguese that Steve has liked very much. It’s called “my diary” and talk about some of things I do in my everyday life in short texts and simple words. Since I’m studying French and Marianne has that lovely habit of recording students’ writings, I intend to start to create similar versions of this collection in French, have them corrected and then create a “my diary” in French…
The only thing is that I can’t promise this is going to be done very soon… :wink:

Thank you, thank you…this is all great, easy interesting content that brings our community closer together. The collective creativity of our community can out perform any text book. I hope we see the same in all our languages.

@Anapaula: I was inspired by you, Ana. Steve wrote in a thread that your diary is good and interesting content. Therefore I wrote my own two versions (an easier one and a more challenging one). Unfortunately I couldn’t read your diary in Portuguese. But I would love to hear from your and your life!

@Rasana: Unluckily I cannot read your letter and your diary. But I’m sure all Russian learner would appreciate it.

@Steve: Yes, it brings the community together. The diary’s would different, but that reflects the different countries and cultures where we come from.

@Jezsh: I’m glad that you enjoy my diary. Thank you. Whish version of my diary did you listen to? I would love to have your diary in English! Please try it! I’m a follower of your blog and I would love to listen to your ideas in English.

@Kelsey: Next week I take a look at your content!

It would be glad to have a diary in French because this is my second foreign language. I’m a beginner in French and would be glad to have more easy content to listen to!