I PAID for lessons, and yet I see only FREE stuff noted

How do I use what I PAID for, and how do I recognize the difference?

The lessons are actually available to all users. An upgraded account gives you access to all of the premium functionality on the site in addition to a 50% discount on all tutoring. You can find out more here: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade on LingQ:

If you have any questions about this, let us know or send an email to suppport (at) lingq.com.

Please explain what is this ‘premium functionality’ ?

I have just joined today. How do I download the lessons onto my MP3 player ? I do not see any icon for this …
Also when I clicked on the first lesson, I could hear it , but there was no visual aid, as in: there were no sentences on the screen before me.
Is there some other way of doing this that I have missed?

thanks .

@SHAILAJA - I’ve answered your questions on the other thread that you posted :slight_smile: