I need the line with the URL address!

I ask for the second time(!!!) how can I rteceive the Url address at least to my own lessons?!
In the version before it was very simple because this URL address was situated after an every lesson, we could simply copy it and send to the friends or to place in the forum if somebody has a question that is discussed in one of my lessons.
Now I am deprived of it and it troubles me a lot!..
Perhaps I just can’t understand any detail to find it because I see that Vera, Serge and some other members publicize some of their lessons in the forum giving the URL address to them.
I’m not able to do it! I don’t know how to do it!
Moreover, Jolanda gave an URL address to one of my collections, thanks Jolanda!
She explaned that she opened it on the page of this collection.
However, I opened the page of the collection and I couln’t see the line with the URL address!..
I found there the list of the lessons and the little box to share, but when I tried to open this box, I saw the following opportunities: RSS, i-Fone,e-mail,facebok, twitter, Lingq friends with their names - that’s all!.. No line with an URL address!..
Yes, when I open e-mail mark, it is, but for the certain e-mail,with the word ‘guest’, not for the forum, for example!..
I ask somebody to explain me where we can receive such an URL address in order not to feel deprived of my rights to have it.

for the collections you can use the link address on the top of the page.
For only one lesson is also for me a mystery.

we need the help from a specialist!


Jolanda, I have no link adress as for the collections so for the lessons!
I have only an empty search box, but when I try to write there ‘URL address’ - it’s said ‘nothing was found’!
I have at the top only the name of the collection and then the list of the lessons
The box for sharing as I told contains only these modern RSS, i-Fone, Twitter, Facebok and e-mail and Lingq friends - nothing more!
That could answer maybe Alex or Mark, but they don’t answer.

Evgueny, if you’re on a PC, just open the collection you want to copy from, right-click the link to the lesson you want to share, and choose “Copy link”. Then you paste it (ctrl + V or right-click then “paste”) wherever you want.

Here are a couple of links that I just got from one of your collections.

Link for the collection: Login - LingQ
Link for the first lesson: Login - LingQ
Link for the second lesson: Login - LingQ

Sorry but I can not find the option: "copy link "
With right click it is only “copy” and then it is the reader link.

j :frowning:

Well, then try clicking on “copy”, then right-clicking where you want the link to be copied, then hit “paste”. That should work.

Elric, where I have to clikl? I can’t see this bottom - ‘link to the lesson’
I have only the title of the collection and below the list of the lessons.
I have to click on the title?- But nothing appears.
To the right of the title I have an arrow, when I press this arrow, I can see:
-edit lesson
Facebook\Twitter\Lingq friends
Where I have to press? - Maybe edit lesson? or email? - after the press to an email I can receive this URL adress but already in the certain form for the e-mail with the last word ‘gueast’ after the address. But how I can keep it for the forum, I can’t still understand.

@evgueny40 - The /guest/ link actually works fine even for active users of the site, so you can post that URL on the forum with the assurance that everyone will be able to access the lesson.


mmmmmmmm OK now I can see it.

But really it is a bit complicated. isn’t it.


What Alex said. :slight_smile:

To complement, what I meant by ‘link to the lesson’ was the name of each lesson that appears in blue that you click on in order to access aforementioned lesson. You can right-click on it, copy the link, and then paste it somewhere else.

Yes, you can right click on the link when you open the lesson in the My Lessons view or wherever else you open it. The easiest place to find the link might be to click on the Email icon beside the Share buttons at the bottom of the dashboard or the bottom of the lesson. The email that opens up contains the link.