I need help

I been wanting to learn Korean for the past 2 years and I still have not really accomplished much. I can read Korean no problem and know a couple phrases, but that is it. I have tried lingq before and made a little progress but I got stuck. What can I do to use Lingq effectively to help me learn? I start for a while but never really stay interested. Any suggestions to get the ball rolling? I am sick of not making progress or even learning for that matter.

Read this thread and particularly Genix79’s reply, which addresses the Korean case. I think he got it quite right

Which thread?

the answer is on your question . lack interest !!

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Oops! Sorry for forgetting the link:

I didn’t really have much interest either when I was a beginner in Russian but as I learned more and more I became more interested, and even interested enough that I began learning another slavic language – Serbian. I think that just as you cannot know whether you like doing something before you have tried you cannot know if you can enjoy doing something and stay interested in it before you have tried and experienced some real success. Maybe if learninglinguist finds a method that works for him he will learn a lot more a lot faster and then consequently stay interested, maybe even become more interested over time. In any case, if he keeps coming back to Korean after two years then I’d say there’s got to be some genuine interest there.