I need help

I’m studying English for almost three months since I read and have a very good passive vocabulary, I have a hard time grasping the podcast you can use to study and understand well about some youtube videos.
But it has a little problem, I do not talk about anything and that is a nuisance for me, I know I can speak but I do not know how to do this, I have some American friends but when I speak words fail me and I do not know about to talk with them … I feel very frustrated and discouraged, what should I do?

Patience, and keep at it, and when you speak and you notice which words or phrases you have trouble with, look for them in your reading and listening, and above all don’t give up.

I started speaking to myself in English at every time when I was alone (while driving my car, cleaning the bathroom etc.). This trained my brain to find the words more quickly.


Hi venceles,

Are you AJ’s secret agent?:slight_smile:

@paynexr2 Your English has improved so much since you first joined. Just trust that speaking will also come once you are ready for it. I was reminded today of how important it is not get stressed about language learning. You are doing well.

Aj is a great teacher. He speaks about lingq in his podcasts so I’m here. His lessons have helped me a lot.

Sure, AJ is great… I’m only his regular visitor :slight_smile: