I need help with these exercises

Hello, I need help with these two tests. It is easy for you but hard for me at the start of the adventures of a German. Thx for fast help !

in the seventh A exercise you must write a letter to a colleague from Germany who are interested in sports. ask him about the sports that train. how often in sports. Where he most likes to train. The interest in sports his friends?

in the seventh B exercise you must answer the letter and his question that he asked : " If you train any sports?" In response, write to him what sports I trains. how often the trains are. where I trains. whether it gives me pleasure.


realy thx for fast help !

We normally don’t do other people’s homework on this site:)

It really is much better if you do it yourself - even if it is hard. On the other hand, there may be a kind soul out there to help?

I’ve always refused to help people with homework online. If you study hard, then you will get good marks. If you don’t study hard, you don’t deserve good marks.

I’m not a kind soul, I guess. hahaha :smiley:

+1 for imyirtseshem.

Marcin, if we do your homework for you, you may get a good mark but you won’t learn anything.

I agree with the others - we wouldn’t be helping you by doing this.

The whole ‘point’ of homework is that you do it yourself! :wink: