I need help plz ,translation english to german

I’m a beginner , i just start learning german and i need to translate those 6 sentences to german , thanks gyus i will be so gratfull.

1- because i think if we practice together we can make a huge progress, right?

2- Secondly, find native speakers, Moreover if you get along with them, become friend with them , talk to them in the language.And make that into a daily habit.

3 - Thirdly, find and gather questions about the language, expressions, grammar, whatever,
And preferably get these questions answered by a native speaker.For this purpose, language exchanges and private lessons are real useful.

4 - Fourthly, you guys need to have conversations with yourselves. Use your imagination and think of something creative.You can speak about anything - about your day, your dreams, fears, relationships.
You can use the language to bitch about something, or rave about something.Or you can praise someone, or backstab your enemies. Anything’s good.

5 - What I do, for example, I take my microphone, talk about something , record my conversations
And I do it spontaneously, unrehearsed, without preparing anything in advance.
Sometimes it works out better that way.

6 - The important thing about all this is to speak,Because speaking involves a different cerebral hemisphere. It’s like a muscle or a muscle group that an athlete trains everday, so that he’s able to perform at his peak level during the game.so basically Languages are no different. Speaking is a muscle,You need to train everyday.

Hi :slight_smile: Can enyone just translate the words Strasse die hinausführt? :slight_smile: