I need good suggestions.Help me please!

I’m having a long holiday.I had just finished my final exam of last year for middle school.In china,every student has no homework this summer holiday.I have expected for this holiday for a long time.But when it came,I felt it boring.I just play computer and watch TV every day.I worked hard for exam this year,so I just want to spend this holiday relaxing myself.I need some good suggestion of good way to relax.Help me please.!

Create fantastic Chinese content for LingQ!

I second that suggestion!

Eleanor,M, could you translate in Chinese what you wrote in English and record it, please?

One suggestion.
If you create good contents in Chiesese for LingQ and many person use them,
you will be able to get points to chat with tutors in English.



Long holiday ? I was told Japanese and Chinese probably Korean too - do work 8 days a week 36 hours a day and have only 5 off days a year but do not take those off days to keep being productive

Best way for relaxing is to do what you like to do.
Also body needs to move
Earth needs we all sleep more - when sleeping more we produce less - we earn less then we buy less - we make less CO2